Footprints on the Sand – Don’t Follow how they Lead

My family and I were at the coast during the summer and we all took a very long walk along the beach. We’d stop by and pick up some pretty rocks, sand dollars, and shells. On the way back, we started walking over someone else’s footsteps. It looked like it was another couple who walked down the beach ahead of us. My husband and I started conversing about how it’s so much easier to walk on sand when you step into someone else’s footsteps. (Yes, we talk about deep stuff 😉 As we discussed, a thought came to mind – it’s easier in a way, it’s comfortable but stepping into someone else’s footsteps limits you. It limits how fast or slow you have to walk in order to stay consistent and make it into every footstep. You have to walk a certain pace, you can’t swerve right or left, and you have to keep the distance of the footsteps that were created by the person who walked before you.
This made me think. Many of us look up to incredible leaders and follow their footsteps to improve our business, our life, our diet, our marriage, whatever it is – just like they have. But there is a problem, not two person in the world are the same. Trying to follow someone else’s footsteps not only limits YOUR potential, but also limits the impact you were meant to have on the world.
We can definitely go in the direction that the leaders and people we look up to go – but we cannot expect to follow the every step they took to get there. Let’s start with legs. Hang in here – this will make sense. When I was trying to walk over someone else’s footsteps, it was hard to make it into every one of them. The person in front of me was either running or had very long legs. I’m 5″5 – so as you can imagine – I was almost leaping. Let’s think of legs as life experience, or brain function, or the power of will. You will not have the same length of legs, for one, to be able to follow the leader to the T. Let’s move on to a better example.
As a mother, I couldn’t grow my business by going to the many conferences that some of the industry leaders went to to grow their business. I had to have a slower pace, and probably a bit of a different path for a while.
Each of us is leading a unique life. Some of us are mothers, entrepreneurs, nurses, writers, hairdressers and __(input your own)__. We all have a different path in life – different values, different beliefs, different strengths. Some of us might want to swerve a bit to the right, some to the left. Some, like me, has a slow pace because there are little ones to watch and take care after.
Instead of following every footstep – I choose to go in the direction of where they are, or where they’re going so I could adjust my pace, and decisions based on my own unique life.
So when you’re following a leader and building your business, life, marriage, body, or whatever it is based on what they’ve done, give yourself some wiggle room and make your journey be unique to you and your life!
With much love and blessings,
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  • Very wise insight here.

    The other piece of the puzzle that I’ve seen is that the transformation we need to grow through to be able to handle the growth is infinitely unique for each of us. After nearly a decade of dead ends and endless refinement, things are finally unlocking as I had hoped for when I started this journey.