Are you looking for an enthusiastic and energetic speaker at your next event? I am your gal. I am available to speak at your next conference, workshop, or event!

Topics I’ve spoken on:

How to Stand Out on Social Media – Social Media has exploded over the last 5 years and has absolutely changed the way we communicate and do business. Unfortunately, many people use social media as a megaphone. It has evolved so much over the years and your audience notice you and your intentions more than what you say. I share my strategies on how to stand out without constantly posting and spamming people.

Scheduled Balance – How Moms Can Schedule a Balanced Life – I wrote a book on this topic and am very passionate about achieving balance in life. As moms, and mom entrepreneurs – we’ve been told that there is no such thing as balance – but actually – you can have scheduled balance – something that you put in your calendar and make it happen. I share many personal stories on how I overcame chaos in my life and developed a plan to achieve a scheduled balance.

Your Top Priorities and how They Shape Your Marriage, Motherhood, and Business – I’ve learned that if one doesn’t have defined priorities in life – the circumstances will define ones priorities. Undefined priorities is often the cause of an unbalanced life, stress, and even divorce. I will help the audience define their top priorities and how to stay true to them.

I am also able to create original content, crafted specifically for your event and your audience’ needs.

You are going to absolutely love having me speak to your community because I provide excellent content with great energy, enthusiasm, and most importantly – actionable steps that will leave your people wanting to attend every event you put on!

If you would like me to speak at your event, please fill in the contact form below with the size of the event, your choice of topic, and the dates! Thank you so much for your consideration!